Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Family Night at Classic Skating

The kids had early out day at school so we decided to put our free skating passes to use at Classic Skating. I used to go their with my family as a kid so this really brought back memories. I only hoped my kids would enjoy it as much as I did. Thankfully they did. We all had a blast!

Jody helping Isaiah get his skates on.
Jonas almost ready to go.

Jonas and Isaiah enjoying their first time ever roller skating at a rink.

Danielle Lila was cranky at first until she got some food in her system and then she loved it...this picture was taken before the food!

Isaiah racing past Jody! The kids all took to the rink like old pros!

Snack Time!!! Notice how happy Lila is now!

Jonas with a big finish...he actually took off all of his pads midway through the day.

Me and Tytus racing...it was a close one but I think I won!

Jonas and Tytus working on roller skate dance moves. They saw some of the local talent break dancing in the middle and decided they could do it too...especially Jonas!

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  1. How freakin' fun is that? I haven't been skating in like 20 years! What a great treat for your family. :)