Monday, June 22, 2009


The other night Daniela asked me if I had ever been to China.
Daniela: See mom I told you you've been to China! (as she hands a pair of my scissors to Jody)
Me: Why do you say that?
Daniela: Your Scissors say China!
Me: No honey, but some of the things we have are Made in China.
Jody and I had to laugh, it was so cute!

Painting Fun!

Finally a beautiful day in June! The kids have been asking to paint for a few days so I broke out Jodys art supplies and let them go to work. They had such a good time and they didn't get that dirty!Poor Jonas had to sit and watch in his high chair though. He's just all over the place now, he's always trying to get outside to be with the kids!

The USS Enterprise

Here it is the ship that Jody made for Isaiah and he loves to play with it! Jody says he use to make things like this back in the day with his toys. What a great dad!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Bath Time!

We don't have a bathtub in our apartment, so the sink will have to do.
Lately Isaiah really wants to get in too!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Please Don't Get Bigger

OK so I'm one of those mom's who gets kind of sad when she sees how big her kids are getting and she doesn't want them to grow up! We called Isaiah "Baby Isaiah" and he said no it's Big boy Isaiah and Baby Jonas", I getting bigger! I told him that he needed to stay little or I wouldn't be able to hold him anymore. But I get taller and then I kiss you was his reply! I told Tytus the same thing and he said, I'm going to be five! I'm getting bigger like my dad. I can't believe he starts Kindergarten in August. Time flies!

Happy Birthday Danielle Lila and Isaiah!

First off I would like to say Happy Birthday to two of my babies! (Yes I still call them that!) The last few days have been pretty busy with two b-days! First it was Daniela's on Friday the 12th of June. She got a bike, helmet and some Little Pet Shop toys. She was so excited! She had a little friend over to play and we went to the park . We had some cupcakes and sang Happy Birthday! I wanted to have a birthday party for her and her friends, but it's amazing how just the simple things can make a child happy. She said she had the best day ever!

Isaiah's B-day was on Saturday June 13th. Yes the very next day! I'm glad it isn't on the same day. He got a new big boy scooter and some Star Trek guys. Star Trek? you may ask, but he really likes it. He's seen the commercials for it on cartoon network and that's what he was really asking for. He loves them! Jody is making a spaceship (the USS Enterprise) for him out of a shoe box right now actually! We also had a family reunion for Jody's family that we wet to that day. One of the family members took some goodie bags for the kids with candy and toys. The kids were having fun blowing bubbles and playing with balloons. Tracy overheard her son Micah tell Isaiah, thank you for inviting me to your birthday party it's really fun! And Isaiah said your welcome! So sweet! When we got home we had more cupcakes and sang Happy Birthday before Jody had to go to work.

Saturday night I stayed up late making tostadas and cupcakes for dinner on Sunday and I had to of course iron clothes for church, and make sure the house wasn't a mess before I went to bed! Whew, I'm getting tired just thinking about it again! It seems like there's just so much to do and it seems like it never ends. Can I get an Amen!

So we had dinner at Tia Mari's on Sunday. When we brought the pinata out Isaiah was so excited he was yelling! We're lucky that it stopped raining. Tytus was the lucky one to break it open. We sang Happy b-day again, Isaiah yelled with excitement again! We had more cupcakes and some dirt desert with worms! (I think we can agree that my kids need a break from all this sugar!)

It was fun to watch all the kids running in and out and playing together. Nelly said that it reminded her of all the pictures she's seen of us kids when we were little doing the same things. It's crazy how I think wow look at all these kids. I can't believe we have this many! And then I think our parents must have been thinking the same thing, of course there was a lot more of us back then. I love big families, I'm so glad that I come from one. I also love the closeness that I have with mine! I hope my kids will enjoy the benefits also.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Yummy Thai!

Mika took me out to dinner for my birthday. We went out for Thai food. It was so good, I was so stuffed! It was nice to just hang out and talk. We had a good time! Thanks Miks!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

And They Dwelt In a Tent

For family home evening this week we learned about the Prophet Lehi. Jody taught the kids about how he was told to tell the people of Jerusalem to repent and how the people wanted to kill him and his family. They learned how he had to take his family and depart into the wilderness and leave their belongings. (They couldn't even take their scrapbooks! Oh wait I guess those were the brass plates!) For the activity Jody and I set up our tent in the livingroom. The kids were so excited, even Jonas was having a great time in there! We also set up the tv infront of the tent and they watched the Book Of Mormon movie and had treats.
Jody starting contruction of the tent
Tent almost done, I can't believe it actually fits in our livingroom!
Playing in the tent
Watching the BOM movie

Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Month Of May

We had a good month of may. Mother's day, a trip to Arizona and my birthday! We were so excited to finally go to Arizona to visit our family! Grandma Lila drove down with us, we made sure that she didn't wear her hearing aids. The kids did really good on the way down, there was hardly any crying to our surprise. Of course we did hear a lot of "Are we there yet". Our longest stop was at the Hoover Dam. The kids like to stop there because their great grandpa helped build the dam, but mostly because the Transformers are burried there! We had a good time visiting and eating, a lot of El Rico's of course and just chillin' with the fam! We got to see Dannie's school band concert. Jody and I didn't make it to his chior concert because Isaiah got an ear infection and we took him to the urgent care. Dannie received and award for leadership that night though. Way to go Dannie! We got to go to the drive in with Dom's family. It was our first time to go as a family. We watched Star Trek and Monsters VS Aliens. We had the cars turned around and seats down. Then the wind came and it started to rain so we had to hurry and get everyone into the cars. We had fun. We hung out at Lala's and scrapbooked until late and the guys watched a scary movie. We stayed up late friday night watching Ghost Hunters with Dom and Joey. Some pretty scary stuff on that show! Dominique and I set up shop at the swap meet on Saturday. Of course we get put on the very last row where hardly anyone goes, especially because it's summer and all the Snowbirds go home. They say the best time to be there is between September through April. So needless to say we made a whole $3.00! We decided that we would've been better off selling at El Rico's. Dom will still try in September though. Saturday night was the Martinez-Tovar family Reuinon. Michael and Sandra and their family were there also. We all had a good time. Grandma especially.

Sunday morning we had a big breakfast at El Rico's. The main dish was Grandma's scones of course! It ended with a big water and some wrestling. I think Dom took Anthon out a couple of times and he got her too. It was fun to watch. that night the reunion continued at El Rico's with dinner, pictures and pinatas!

The kids post water fight.

It took the water fight to see what Isaiah looks like without curls (I think he needs a haircut)

JJonas and Momma

The McCurdy women, as beautiful as they may be this is a dangerous combination!

Ammron vs Sponge Bob

Lila vs Sponge Bob

Lila won!

Marco and Rich

Elise and Antonio

Dom and Joey

Rich and Bea

Rich feeling uncomfortable having his picture taken. It didn't help that his son in laws had unexpectedly gropped him right before this picture, thus the laughs on their faces since both Jody and Joey did it to Rich without even talking to each other before hand.

Antonio, Jody, Dannie, Rich and Joey

Flying Isaiah!

Cousins causing trouble.

Danielle and Jody looking great as usual!

On Memorial Day, my Birthday Jody and Joey went mountain biking, by the end of the night Jody was bright red, poor thing. It's been a long time since they've been able to ride together so that was nice for them. We also got to go swimming over to Marisol and Ryan's, Dannie and Delci came too. Then we had a BBQ at mom and Dom's

Jonas showing his swimming skills (of course it requires moms help)
Danielle Lila, Isaiah, Tytus and Gabrial frying like bacon after swimming.
Isaiah arguing with Danielle about who's birthday it was his or hers (Danielle eventually won)

The flower cake Dom made for Danielles birthday

We left on Tuesday to come home. That was a long ride! The worst part, Isaiah cried forever! He cried because he wanted out of his seat, because he didn't like the music we were listening to, and because he didn't want to go to Utah! It was a good thing that Delci came home with us and not Grandma!

The Livingston Clan

Grandma Bea has her arms full with all these grandkids, and this is less than one third of them.

Elise and Lila having a "Who looks Whiter" competition. (Elise won)

Poppa Rico and the Livingston Kids
Poppa Rico and Jonas after a good meal.

Jonas getting some love from his Aunt Lala.

Danielle Lila finished school on the 29th and our summer has begun!