Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Family Night at Classic Skating

The kids had early out day at school so we decided to put our free skating passes to use at Classic Skating. I used to go their with my family as a kid so this really brought back memories. I only hoped my kids would enjoy it as much as I did. Thankfully they did. We all had a blast!

Jody helping Isaiah get his skates on.
Jonas almost ready to go.

Jonas and Isaiah enjoying their first time ever roller skating at a rink.

Danielle Lila was cranky at first until she got some food in her system and then she loved it...this picture was taken before the food!

Isaiah racing past Jody! The kids all took to the rink like old pros!

Snack Time!!! Notice how happy Lila is now!

Jonas with a big finish...he actually took off all of his pads midway through the day.

Me and Tytus racing...it was a close one but I think I won!

Jonas and Tytus working on roller skate dance moves. They saw some of the local talent break dancing in the middle and decided they could do it too...especially Jonas!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Feliz Cumpleanos Abuelito's!

Today, March 17, is my Abuelo's birthday! He turned 83! My Abuela's birthday was two days ago, March 15, and she would have been 81! I just wanted to take a few minutes and express my gratitude for both of them.

He is such a loving person. I love that he loves to sing, and he's very good! He's a very hard worker and the best at what he does! He is a Baker. My kids love to go to the bakery and watch him while he works! He also tries his best to be there for all the big events happening in his big family, from baby blessings, to baptisms, graduations, weddings and more.

My Abuela was a very loving person also. She was a the best cook, she was always cooking! She made the best tamales, atole (rice pudding) and much, much more! I loved it when she would make her cinnamon tea, I always think of her when I drink it! She always gave us candy and she always sent us a birthday card for our birthdays!

These are just a few special things about my Abuelito's that I wanted to share. I love them both very much! Feliz Cumpleanos!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Happy Birthday Daddy!!

The kids were so excited for their dad's birthday (it was January 6th)! They had made plans a few days before to decorate after Jody left for work so he would be surprised when he got home at 3:00 in the morning=) So we cut out this Happy banner that I got from House of 3 (http://www.houseof3.com/) I just love their stuff! They also decorated our bedroom door with a bunch of different sized balloons that I cut out with the cricut and some crepe paper, I forgot to get a picture. And after the Danielle Lila and Tytus went to school I took Isaiah and Jonas to the store to get the ballons and some things for dinner. Of course the kids wanted to wake Jody up before school to give him his presents but because of his work schedule they had to wait until they got home! They also wanted to know what we were going to do for his party, and he just wanted to stay home, have dinner and play the games on the Wii with the kids. We did have lots of fun, it was a great day!

For his presents Jody got a couple of DVD's that he's been wanting. "Finding Moroni" which is done by a young film student (Dane Hurt) who follows Dr. Jerry Ainsworth and his partner Esteban Mejia through Mexico. Discover a hidden pyramid, ancient paintings of Christ in America, Golden Plates, and more evidences of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon. http://www.findingmoroni.com/

The other on is called "Delivered by Hope" the true story of Mariama Kallon. A temple square sister missionary who also served in Kentucky with Jody, who was originally from Sierra Leone a war torn country in Africa (the place where the story for the movie "Blood Diamond" took place). The DVD tells her story of how she narrowly escaped torture by murderous rebel forces. After losing her entire family who were killed by the rebel forces she ends up finding refuge with an LDS family. After hearing about the gospel and the teachings of the restoration of all things she wanted to wear a name tag and become a missionary herself. http://deseretbook.com/Delivered-Hope-Deseret-Book-Company/i/5054180 Anyways their are both great movies and I suggest you all check them out.

They were so excited to for Daddy to open his presents!

Jody and the kids celebrating his birthday!
Jody and his movies
Jody's not a big cake fan so we went with a maple bar!

Jonas helped him blow out the candle

My happy bunch

Monday, March 14, 2011

Is Your Home Safe?

This First Alert Alarm saved our lives! About one week ago from Saturday our alarm was set off. We turned off the gas powered heater and called the gas company to come and check things out for us. They told us to open some windows and to get everyone out to fresh air. Sure enough when they checked the levels they were way to high and we basically had about 5 hours to get out of the house. We found out that this is why our family had been battling sickness (flu like symptoms) for the last two weeks. Thanks to our home teacher who had recently brought by this carbon monoxide alarm to us we were able to detect this leak before it was too late. Thank the Lord that our home teacher was inspired! We were able to completely replace the gas heater and fix a clogged water heater line to make our home a safe place once again. It made me realize that you can never be too cautious. Please make sure your alarms are up to date and follow all saftey precautions to keep your family safe.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Temple Square with the Livingstons

For Family Home Evening on Dec, 13th we got to go see the temple lights with our cousins. We were so glad to get to go with Jared and Tracy and their kids because it was getting very close to the time that they would be moving to Colorado, SAD! It was so cold and and Isaiah and Jonas were pretty whinny. Isaiah wanted to be held the whole time and Jonas wanted to get out and run wild! We did have a good time but we decided that the best part of the night was going to McDonald's for Hot Cocoa and treats! The kids got to play and play and the moms and dads got to talk and enjoy each others company.

At the Joseph Smith Memorial Building

Beautiful Chandelier

I love this Pic, one of my favorites!

Some of the nativity scenes

Cute kids!

Of all the cousins these two look most alike, they could be brother and sister! They are best buds and are so cute together!

Isaiah smiling!?!
Having fun on the stairs of the temple

Whoa, I'm free!
A replica of the Salt Lake Temple

This is what Jody could see of the Nativity. It was so crowded!

As we were leaving Isaiah looked up and said "that's the fruit on the tree". So cute!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Making Gingerbread Houses

I got to go and help Danielle Lila's class made Gingerbread Houses this week. It's always fun to help with these activities and I'm grateful that I'm able to do so! Thanks to Jody's work schedule he can watch the two little ones while I go help out at school once, sometimes twice a week. Thanks babe!
The kids had a great time and there were some great houses!


Notice the stash of candy

This house was hit by a tornado, the poor little marshmallows were the civilians!