Sunday, August 30, 2009

First Days of School!

Well Danielle Lila started school on the 20th of August and Tytus Started Kindergaten on the 27th. I'm grateful for Jody being able to hold the Preisthood, he was able to give them both blessings.
Danielle is now in the 2nd grade and her new teacher is Mrs. Read. She is excited to start and play with old friends and make new ones! She also is old enough to be in orchestra and play the violin. This means that she has to be at school at 7:00, an hour before school starts. The nice thing is that they serve breakfast, only now she's asking me to make her waffles on the other days!
Tytus has been so excited to start school! Infact the day he turned 5 he was asking if he would start school the next day. On the first day he was ready to go. He gets to ride the bus and is excited about that also. I told him that on the first day I would meet him there so I could take some pictures. He told me that I didn't have to, he knew where his class was and he'd be fine. What a big boy! He's growing up so fast. Makes me sad and also proud to know that he wants to be independent. Tytus's teacher is Mrs. Wolfe. (a friend of Daniela's told him that she heard if you're not good she'll eat you!) She is really nice. She was impressed to find out that he did not go to preschool, I was lucky that he liked to do "homework", sometimes! I know that he will do great and learn so much.
Danielle Lila on her way to the bus

Jody and the kids after Lila's first day

Tytus anxiously waiting for school to start on his first day.

Tytus running to the bus

Once at school the kids booked out of the bus to the classroom.

Tytus looks short here but he is one of the youngest in the class.

Tytus and Mrs. Wolfe

Tytus getting off the bus

Thursday, August 20, 2009

New Hair Cuts

Well I had scheduled all the kids to get their hair cuts on Wednesday and we were just about out the door when Jody got a reminder call that he had to go in early to work for a training. We we decided that we only had time for Danielle Lila, she would start school the next day so she would be first and we rescheduled for Monday for the boys. We went to Danielle, a family friend (my cousin Monique's best friend). So yes there were three Danielle's in one room! Daniela thought that was so neat. Her hair turned out soo cute! It reminds me of when she was little. If you didn't know, it took forever to grow out! Her first pony tail was around 5 1/2 yrs old. I love her hair like this, she looks so beautiful!
Danielle Lila and Danielle

When we got home Jody came out to greet us. Letting me know that it was a good thing that I didn't take Isaiah because he decided he could cut his own hair!! You're kidding me?! No. Then here he comes around the car with a big smile on his face! He had cut the sides and the front. Oh I was so mad, UUGGHH! And sad :( Being the mean mom that I am, I spanked him. He cried and then gave a cheesy grin for the camera, and then it was hard not to laugh at his new hair cut. I told him that we had to cut off all the rest. He grabbed the back and the top and said not this. I told him yes and he got real mad! I'm worried that since we cut it so short maybe his curls won't come back. We all love his curls! Needless to say I was not going to wait for Monday to fix his hair so we took him and Tytus in today and got it all done at once, we'll get Jonas another time. They did so good and they both look very handsome. A fresh new look!

The big grin with tears

Mad about having to cut off the rest

Shaking his booty while waiting to cut his hair

Wow! So short, it's been along time!

The Mohawk
Tytus goes for a new look to start school

What handsome boys!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Oquirrh Mountain Temple

On July 28th we were able to go to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple open house. Jody and I were surprised at how well the kids did! (We didn't even have to have one bathroom break.) They loved it. I loved being able to sit in the sealing room with Tytus and Isaiah and tell them how Mama and Daddy were sealed on our wedding day. They loved looking into the mirrors, how you could see on forever. I know that they are little but I also know that it's important for them to know my testimony, especially on being a family for forever!

Also while we were walking through Tytus told me that he was thinking about how Heavely Father loves Jesus. I'm glad that he knows that and I'm glad that he knows that Heavenly Father loves him too!

I'm so glad that we were able to take our kids. It was a great experience.
The kids favorite parts:

Tytus said the fountain outside and the mirrors in the sealing room when you get married.

Danielle Lila said her favorite part was also the sealing room because, she also liked the mirrors
Isaiah liked to see all the pictures of Jesus and the elevator....after a little thought they all said they liked the baptismal font with the twelve oxen, and I'd have to agree thats one of my favorite parts too.

Friday, August 7, 2009

When Tytus Takes Pictures

I was going through our pics and found some pictures of random things that Tytus took. He's such a cutie, I love him so much!
Jack in the Box
C3PO Figure Holder
Robot stickers at the foot of his bed
Transformer pic that his Daddy drew for him
Their closet
His headphones
Danielle Lila and Isaiah playing on the computer
Calender with his name marked on his Birthday

A Day at Liberty Park

We spent the day at liberty park with the Lala, Dannie and the Martinez's. Picnic, bike riding and playing in the water.