Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tytus's New Kicks

The kids got new shoes for school about a month ago. We told them that they were not allowed to wear them until school started. One night he asked if he could try them on and showed us how fast he could run in them! He was so excited that he didn't want to take them off and he fell asleep with them on!

Silly Jonas!

My sweet baby! Jonas is walking all over the place now, going on 2 weeks. It is so cute to watch, with his little shoulders all the way back and pot belly sticking out. So sweet! This little boy is getting so big and is into everything. He's teething right now and is kind of fussy. The little whinny faces he makes, and way over dramatic, when the tears and crying start when he gets in trouble or the kids take something away from him. It just melts you heart! He sure knows how to entertain himself though. Just take a look at the pictures below.

How to Land an Airplane By Danielle Lila

We were driving past a small airport out by Richie's house in West Jordan when a small plane was coming in for a landing. The kids thought it was so neat that it came right over our heads! They watched in excitment as it started to land! Danielle Lila then began to explain how to land an airplane, "It has to kiss the ground softly and then come back up and then kiss the ground again to land." Jody and I were pretty impressed and asked her where she learned so much about landing planes from? "Madagascar, when the penguins were landing the plane!" We couldn't help but laugh, all of us. It was so cute!

Isaiah and High School Musical

As some of you may know my kids love, love High School Musical! Isaiah is all into it and likes to pretend that he is Chad, because of the curly hair, and he also likes to pretend that he is Troy and I am Gabriella. It's so cute! "Gabriella, Gabriella are you okay?!" Gabriella, Gabriella this is for you", as he hands me a flower. But I think the cutest thing was when he woke up one night and instead of calling for Mama it was... yes "Gabriella, Gabriella"! Oh my sweet boy. I also must mention that I have to sing Gabriella and he sings Troy.