Friday, July 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Tytus!

Happy Birthday Tytus! We had a fun day. After so patiently for daddy to wake up, Tytus opened his presents. He got a new scooter, some cool sun glasses and a Wolverine hand blade thing, which he's been wanting for months! Then it was off to McDonald's to eat and play and then to the store Michael's. Tytus has been asking for some canvas's for painting so we took him to go pick some out. We also got some brushes and a palate. He's very excited to get to work!
Before Jody had to leave for work we sang Happy Birthday and had cake and ice cream. Notice the chocolate cake, if you didn't know Tytus is my chocolate lover!

We also went up to our front yard and the kids got wet on the trampoline with our neighbor Aiden. They had a lot of fun. It was a pretty long day. and after more cake and ice cream, after diner of course, they ended up going to bed pretty early. It was my turn to say the prayer and I had thanked Heavenly Father for Tytus, for the happiness he brings us, for him to grow big and strong, and to be a good example to those around him. After I was finished and getting my hugs and kisses for the night, Tytus told me that he liked what I said about him in the prayer. It was cute and good to know that he was listening!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

East High

The cafeteria

Danielle Lila excited to see Sharpay's locker!

Ms. Darbis's Room, of course it was locked

Together, Together, Together Everyone!

Roaming the halls of East High

Teancum, Tytus Anna and Isaiah

"Troy's Trophies"

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Mormon Miricale Pagent AKA the Manti Pagent

After going to lunch at East High we drove out to Manti Ut for the Mormon Miricale Pagent, aka the Manti Pagent. We had a great time. We picked up KFC on the way out and had a picnic at the temple. It took us about an hour and a half to get there. It was worth the drive. The pagent didn't start until about 9:30 though, it's to bad that it doesn't get dark here until late. Most of the kids fell asleep early, but they had fun waiting for it to start. Like I said we had our picnic and the kids played around. We went for a walk, there were so many people! We bought bug spray, cotton candy, and even saw some protesters. It was quite eventful! I'm glad we were able to go.

Some of the Manti Pangent performers

Jody, Jonas, and Danielle

The Boys and their oreo's

Richie and Kelly

Delci, Dannie and Lala

Lila, Lala and Mckenzie

Tytus, Lila and Isaiah

The Manti Temple, and if its true what they say about orbs in pictures then we're not alone

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Bush Family Reunion June 19-20

We spent the weekend in Idaho for the Bush family Reunion. We had a great time being with our family.

Tytus eating hot dogs with grandpa. We also roasted marshmallows for smores, yummy!

My boys enjoying the water of course, Isaiah was all wet!

Going into secret places to look for treasure

We found a bug net and a tennis ball!

Playing horse shoes with Daddy

Jared and Dallin taking it easy

More horse shoes

Tanner, Dallin, Danielle Lila, Mya, Isaiah, Tytus and Micha. Grandma was nice to watch Jonas while I took these kids EXPLORING!

Danielle Lila, my big helper, helping the kids cross the "River" safely

Tytus and Micha were telling Ghost Stories to the grown ups by the campfire. They sure got a kick out of those two. Tytus's stories were full of Vampires and Bloody Skeletons!

All the kids were given glow sticks that night also. When it got dark you could see a bunch of different colors dancing around in the Field. I also heard someone calling for Master Anikin!

Jonas not wanting to stay in place for the pic.

The kids actually did real well camping out. Everyone stayed in their spots, it wasn't to cold and luckily it only sprinkled a little before we got up. Jonas was all over the place that night when we were getting ready for bed. He loved being in the tent. I think it was because he finally got to crawl around and not have to be held or in his stroller. (I did not want him crawling around on the ground and putting things in his mouth)

For breakfast we just took cold cereal and donuts. Jared was brave enough to cook a nice hot breakfast and was so kind to share with us!

Another round of exploring, this time the dads came too
Posing in front of an old car
The kids were eager to climb the "Mountain". As you can see they got a good head start.

At the top of the hill looking down at the campsite

Jonas being loved by a new cousin we met, Mya and her mom Cindy

Javin and Lindsay

Grandma Mocabee and Aunt Janet