Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Our Easter Weekend

We got to go to Grandma and Grandpa Mocabee's this weekend. We left with Jared and Tracy on Friday night and Jody came up on Sunday after work. It was fun spending time with our cousins and Grand parents over the Easter weekend and here's a few pictures of what we did.
Colton shooting the 22

Isaiah shooting the 22 and he was just getting started, he later worked his way to the 410 shotgun.

The Fam getting ready to shoot

Jonas sucking on his first strawberry and loving it.

Tanners turn shooting the 22

Tytus wanted to shoot the pellet gun because it was quiet, he doesn't like loud noises.

Dallin shooting the 22

Me shooting Lance's 410 Shotgun
For the record I did pretty good, I hit about 2-3 bottles. I also shot Jared's 22. It was fun!

Mama helping Isaiah

Grandpa giving Grandma a 10 second head start!

Tytus and Micah ready to go home

Having fun with Uncle Jared and Aunt Tracy

The Hunt at the city park.
We got lucky and got to have two egg hunts. One at the city park and one at Grandma and Grandpa's. Dallin found a golden egg at the park and got a gold dollar coin. I think most of them also had change in theirs from both places. Micah and Isaiah both found dollars at home! I wish I could find money that easily!

The Hunt at Grandma and Grandpa's

Playing Tug-of-War with Matt the Cowboy, he won.
Every time we come to visit Matt comes over and takes us to his families farm so the kids can look at the animals they have. He puts a few of the kids on the golf cart and rides on over. This time Colton got to ride on a got goat, he fell of and got head butted. What a good sport. Isaiah wanted to ride also, with Matt's help of course. The kids just love him, they have a lot of fun with him!

Grandma and Danielle Lila

We dyed eggs on Saturday so the Easter Bunny could hide them when he came to visit.

We went to church with grandpa and grandma

Isaiah strikes his rockstar pose instead of something more sophisticated, this is why he reminds us of his Papa Rico in Arizona.

In one of the eggs that Danielle got from the park was a coupon for one free game of bowling. (We didn't even know that Malad had a bowling alley!) So on our way out on Monday we stopped to go bowling. Talk about old town. The little diner reminded me of old Vincent Drugs , for those of you who know downtown Midvale. Vincent Drugs was also in the movie The Sandlot. We also had to keep our own score on paper. I'm sure you get the idea of the oldness. It was pretty cool! The kids had a lot of fun for their first time bowling. We all had fun! I think we will be going back.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

$ Potty Money $

Well I finally decided to potty train Isaiah. He didn't have much interest until I came up with the $ Potty Money $ jar. Let me explain why this works for him. Isaiah LOVES money! He's always asking for it, "just one money, just one dollar, PLEASE!" He even used to go to sleep with a couple of coins and would wake up crying because he dropped them in his sleep. Not so fun for mom and dad at 2 or 3 in the morning! Well since he loves money so much i decided that this would be great incentive! If he goes #1 he gets two pennies, and #2 gets one nickel. It took about a day or two but he's caught on pretty good. He gets all excited and will go without me asking sometimes. Or he'll say "I think I go pee pee" and run to the bathroom. It is so cute when he gets his money there's usually a "uh huh, oh yeah!" I love it! I can't wait to only have one in diapers, we're so close!
Jonas is starting to crawl now and he's getting pretty fast. He's also getting his 2 bottom teeth so he's been a little fussy. The kids do a good job of making him laugh though. It's so cute to watch.
We had some visiters this last weekend. The Dominguez family was with us! It was so good to see them! It had been 6 months since the last visit. Of course the kids had a blast. They played and played and played! They were sad to say goodbye but are looking forward to our visit to Az next month! They keep asking what day we are leaving, and how much longer? It won't come fast enough!