Sunday, January 2, 2011

Temple Square with the Livingstons

For Family Home Evening on Dec, 13th we got to go see the temple lights with our cousins. We were so glad to get to go with Jared and Tracy and their kids because it was getting very close to the time that they would be moving to Colorado, SAD! It was so cold and and Isaiah and Jonas were pretty whinny. Isaiah wanted to be held the whole time and Jonas wanted to get out and run wild! We did have a good time but we decided that the best part of the night was going to McDonald's for Hot Cocoa and treats! The kids got to play and play and the moms and dads got to talk and enjoy each others company.

At the Joseph Smith Memorial Building

Beautiful Chandelier

I love this Pic, one of my favorites!

Some of the nativity scenes

Cute kids!

Of all the cousins these two look most alike, they could be brother and sister! They are best buds and are so cute together!

Isaiah smiling!?!
Having fun on the stairs of the temple

Whoa, I'm free!
A replica of the Salt Lake Temple

This is what Jody could see of the Nativity. It was so crowded!

As we were leaving Isaiah looked up and said "that's the fruit on the tree". So cute!