Sunday, November 8, 2009

Did you Know That Nacho Libre Eats Nachos?

One day while eating lunch the boys had this conversation, Daniela was at school. "Did you know that Nacho Libre eats Nachos? Yeah he likes them!" It was pretty funny.

These pictures were of course taken at our last house in Highland.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Haunted Heber Creeper

This is just a short a fast short post. I'm actually trying to win FREE tickets to the Heber Valley Haunted Railroad. I think this would be so much fun! You get more chances to win for blogging about it. So if you are interested check out this site for your chance to win!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Monument Valley and The reservation

McCurdy Clan

The Family of the end of our camping trip

This Labor Day weekend was the best! I have the pics to prove it! I know there are a lot I put on here, but I had too. So we'd been planing this trip for a long time and the kids and Jody and I were looking forward to it and I will have to say it was well worth it! Tytus asked if we were going to see "real Indians" and Daniela wanted to know if we had to wear "Indian clothes", if so Grandma could make them for us!

We left for our trip after getting about 3 hours of sleep on Sunday morning on September 6th. Jody and I were so tired! We had to keep, trading spots for driving. We were headed to Monument Valley to meet the whole family. (Mom and Dad would only be there for Sunday, so we would only see them for a very short time.) Well we knew that Monument Valley was the meeting place and that they would be waiting for us probably on the side of the road somewhere. We didn't see them and we kept on driving. Luckily Lala and Mom did see us, they had to catch up to us, I thought someone was trying to run me off the road! So we had to hurry and turn around so we could meet up with the rest of the clan who were on their way to get a guided tour of Monument Vally from Ramon's uncle Clarence. It was lots of hugs and kisses and hurry and get in the truck lets go! I got to drive Dads truck, boy was it fun and scary for me! Driving down a really steep hill with big bumps! I know Dom was loving it, she and Joey were behind us in the Expedition with 4 wheel drive. At one point dad took over for me because there was a spot that was easy to get stuck in, Clarence did get stuck once. I was glad to be able to sit in the back and enjoy the ride though! As I was getting in the back though Tytus and Elijah were getting in the truck. I asked Tytus if he wanted to sit with me and he said "No, I want to be safe and sound!"

We saw so many neat things as you will see in the pictures!
(Like these wild mustangs)

Tytus and Jody
(and these wild mustangs!)

The kids thought these big rocks looked like snails

We got to do some sand jumping, it was so much fun! I hadn't done that since Grandma and Grandpa McCurdy lived in Dugway, a very long time. The kids loved it too. I held Isaiah while jumping down and then carried him back up again, talk about a workout!

Loved this sand

These are some remains of Anasazi ruins

Dannie watching out for Ammron and Jonas

Tia Elise, Daesha, and Daniela

Can you see the Indian? His Mohawk and long hair.

This was actually in this big open cave, there was a wall that you could lay on and when you look up you notice that the hole is actually an eagles eye! Then from where you are at you can see the rest of the shape of the eagle out of the cave, really neat!

This is the Titanic

Daniela and I


A Charging Buffalo

(Jody photo shopped some of these photos so you can get a better look)

Indian with his blanket wrapped around him


They told us this was Puff the magic dragon, but my family thinks it looks like the flying dog/dragon thing from The Never Ending Story.

Three Sisters
Dom and Joey 4 Wheeling it
The Hogan

This is where Ramon's Grandma stayed. They said it was over 100 degrees in there at night. This is the actual hogan that they were married in. Only it's in a different location.
Hauling wood

Earning our keep! We had to get in on the whole experience, including the wood hauling. We actually had a good time, and if possible would like to help out again!

Finished with the hauling and headed back to camp.

Jonas thought he was so neat just standing there next to his dad. He especially liked not having to be in his car seat!

Preparing Lunch

After some hard work we had a great lunch, fried bread and mouton soup! After that a good nap!

Pretty view taken on our hike.

Yes something was living in there but I don't know what it was.
Antonio and Dannie taking care of the kids so we could finish our little hike.
This is why we didn't take the kids, a lot of rock climbing. It was so much fun!

Me and Jody

Dom and Joey

Isaiah and Ramon's aunt, Lily

Buddy, the res dog
The kids and Ramon, their "Indian"

Our Family

On the way back to camp

Big boy Jonas by the fire

Tia Elise, Tytus and Jonas

If you can see, Jonas' face is soo dirty! It was so hard to keep the kids clean! We even used a lot of wipies, which I think Ramon's family probably just laughed at the sight. They told us our kids looked like res kids! After awhile it was like OK whatever you're just gonna get dirty anyway.
We loved our little trip...GOOD TIMES!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tytus's New Kicks

The kids got new shoes for school about a month ago. We told them that they were not allowed to wear them until school started. One night he asked if he could try them on and showed us how fast he could run in them! He was so excited that he didn't want to take them off and he fell asleep with them on!