Sunday, December 12, 2010

Our Trip to Bethlehem

For our first family home evening of the month we went to Bethlehem! I heard about this from my neighbors. Crazy that we actually ran into those families and others from our ward who showed up at the same time as we did! This is put on by a family and a whole bunch of volunteers. It is a free event but donations are accepted and given to the Huntsman Cancer Institute. (More info here It turned out to be a great night, although it took us well over an hour in line to get to Bethlehem. At one point the kids wanted to go home and one family that was in front of us actually did leave after about 40 minutes of waiting. But we stuck it out and the kids loved it! We got to see Shepherds, Roman Soldiers, a Wise man, animals, a Bethlehem city scene and most importantly Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus! We entered in to a stable and it was very quiet, were able to just stand and watch the baby. What a great moment! I'm glad that I was able to take my kids. They know why we celebrate Christmas but we can all get caught up with the "hustle and bustle" and sometimes forget the true meaning. I want them to always remember and I think was a great to remember! Next it will be Temple Square to see the lights.

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  1. I love the picture we took of you guys by the Roman guard. Jonas's face cracks me up...he's not to sure about the guard or his horse. I'm surprised he let us get that close (Jonas that is)